Big Wheel

Name: Jackson Wheel (Operator)

ID: Known

Relatives: Husband to Margaret

Affiliates: Hired the Terrible Tinkerer to create the Big Wheel.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Rocket Racer.

Powers: With a great scientific mind, Jackson Wheel sought aid from the Terrible Tinkerer in assisting him build a machine similar to a tank...But with One Wheel, it in itself is a wheel!...With Great Speed and Destructive capabilities, it can also scale walls...It also has mechanical arms, guns, rocket launchers & other various weapons.

Origin: Jackson Wheel sought out the aid of the Terrible Tinkerer in creating a Death Machine, but the only Death that resulted in its creation was his own!



1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #182...#183 (As Big Wheel)

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August 1978

Spider-Man Appearances:...Amazing Spiderman #183...That's it folks!

Death: Amazing Spider-Man #183 as Jackson plunged to his death in racing after Spider-Man...He seemingly could not be saved as Spidey rushed into the water to try to rescue him.

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Spider-Man Fear Rating: 1 (out of 10...Hey, he's dead!...And when he wasn't, he was lame!)


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