Name: Unknown

ID: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Ally of Mysterio, and robots Shirley, Tricia, Stephanie, Penelope, Diane (Destroyed), Elizabeth, Mary, Anita, Laurie (Destroyed), and others. 

Enemies: Spider-Man, Mysterio

Powers: Armada employs a number of robots that emit from his back similar to a fleet of armed ships (the definition of Armada!)...His "pets" are equipped to do various things such as pick locks and fire blasts. He has the ability to fly, emit blasts from his palms, and has use of super strength through his armor that can re-charge itself. Lastly, Armada is a gifted inventor and considered the finest corporate thief there is.

Origin: Not much is known about Armada but it can assumed that he is the inventor of his own armor and his fleet of armed robots.

1st App.: Sensational Spider-Man #0

January 1996

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #408 & 413...Sensational Spider-Man #0



Armada's biggest downfall over his short career has been his emotional attachment to his robots, or "pets"...He began his career aiding Mysterio steal a valuable computer chip in Sensational Spider-Man #0 where he was defeated and taken to Ryker's Island Prison...He broke free from the prison in Amazing Spider-Man #408 but was again defeated as Spider-Man tore off his armor...With the help of Mysterio, he broke free again in Amazing Spider-Man #413 & his emotions concerning his robots showed through when Spider-Man began destroying some of them while they were disguised as killer toys! Armada started to whack-out after that and was made to look like a fool soon after...He hasn't been seen since.



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)

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