Name: David Ferrari (?)

ID: Unknown

Relatives: Connie, Sister

Affiliates: Ally of the Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Crimson Dynamo

Enemies: Spider-Man, Black Cat, Silvermane, Doctor Octopus, Cloak & Dagger, Silvermane, Captain America, Nick Fury

Powers: He has the ability to come up with whatever power was necessary to resolve a given situation or problem. Thus, the Answer could have many powers such as super-strength, rock-hard skin and the power of flight.

Origin: Formerly a hit-man for the Kingpin in the Las Vegas division of Hydra, The Answer was used as a human guinea pig in an attempt to gain super powers. Over time, he developed the powers to solve any problem that came his way.

1st App.: Spectacular Spider-Man #92

Most Recent App.: Lethal Foes Of Spider-Man #4

July 1984

Spider-Man Appearances:  Spectacular Spider-Man #92-96...Lethal Foes Of Spider-Man #1-4

Other Appearances:  Captain America V3 #41 (Cameo) & 43


Originally a very loyal hit-man of the Kingpin, the Answer eventually became one of his right-hand men. Spying on Spider-Man and the Black Cat was one of his many little odd-jobs. He also retrieved Silvermane where the Kingpin brought him back from the dead. The Answer died after feeding Dagger his "light forces" trying to revive her in order for her to save the Kingpin's wife Vanessa. The Answer became an unconscious being of energy and eventually retained his awareness without any physical form as told in the limited series Lethal Foes Of Spider-Man where he first allied himself with Doctor Octopus communicating with him by means of a computer chip in the good Doctor's mind. The Answer resumed a physical form in issue 2 of that limited series and helped break Doc Ock out of the vault prison. Their friendship quickly turned to hate as they fought each other and the Answer has not been seen since. It was learned that the Answer's real name is David Ferrari when he came back from the "dead" in Captain America V3 #41 but was later defeated in issue #43.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 5 (out of 10)

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