The Spidermobile has been one of the most unique bits of Spider-Man's history ever since it's debut in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #130 back in March of 1974. In that issue, Spider-Man makes a visit to Johnny Storm, better known as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four's building. Johnny has always been a car aficionado and agreed to help Spider-Man out in delivering a buggy to publicize a company's new non-polluting engine made by Corona Motors. That company was represented by the Carter and Lombardo Agency as they sought out Spider-Man to publicize the new engine in a newly built car as told in Amazing Spider-Man #126. Spider-Man was surprised to say the least when he saw the finished product but grew to like it very much after taking his initial ride in it. As we will see though, things really didn't work out with the car too well!

The car was very fast and had web-shooters near the pop-up headlights and a spider-signal atop the roll bar. Many people's lives were at stake when Spider-Man first drove the Spidermobile as it was learned in that issue that the closest thing Spider-Man ever gotten to wheels was a motorcycle,  plus he never had the cash to buy a car, especially in Manhattan. Spider-Man used the Spidermobile later in that same issue in battling some crooks and then Hammerhead. After driving it away from the police, Peter later camouflaged the vehicle with a single flick of a switch. We next see the Spidermobile in Amazing Spider-Man #141 where Spider-Man is recklessly driving the vehicle and is being chased by the police. In just a couple of pages, Spider-Man drives the Spidermobile off a pier into the river where the stayed till next issue when Spider-Man went underwater to try and salvage the vehicle but eventually gave up. It turned out Mysterio II created an illusion whereby Spider-Man did not realize that he was driving off a pier. The Spidermobile was not seen for awhile at this point but when it did turn up again, things were just not the same.


In Amazing Spider-Man #157, Spider-Man jumps back into the river to try and retrieve the Spidermobile as Corona Motors has threatened to sue him unless he turned up the agreed upon vehicle. Underwater, Spider-Man finds only the side-view mirror of the Spidermobile and realizes that the rest of the vehicle has disappeared. The Spidermobile doesn't turn up until a couple of issues later in Amazing Spider-Man #159 where we learn that a mysterious figure is working on the it and claims that "Spider-Man will never bother anyone again!!". That man was revealed to be the almost forgotten Terrible Tinkerer in Amazing Spider-Man #160. A gifted man, last seen by Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #2, has re-worked the Spidermobile to be a deadly weapon used against Spider-Man. Using the Spidermobile like a remote controlled toy car, The Tinkerer chased Spider-Man with it almost the entire issue until Spider-Man defeated the not so Terrible Tinker. Spider-Man had enough of the Spidermobile at that point and delivered the vehicle to the Agency of Carter and Lombard by hanging it outside the window. "Good Riddance!" was Spider-Man's last words concerning the now infamous Spidermobile.


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