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From Amazing Fantasy #15 - August 1962:

Peter Parker was a brilliant student, a loving nephew, an excellent friend and co-worker...But all Peter Parker was at Midtown High to most of its inhabitants was a bookworm, a nerd, a wallflower. His Uncle Ben & Aunt May loved him dearly,  as did the teachers at his school, but he was always turned down by his peers & possible dates. One day his life he made a seemingly meaningless decision to attend a Science exhibit dealing with Radioactivity...This would turn out to be the biggest day of his life!!

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While viewing a demonstration at the exhibit, a spider, not seen by anyone, becomes the unfortunate victim of Radioactive Rays & in its life ending shock, bites the closest thing to it...Peter Parker!!...Unknowing with the initial bite, Peter gradually realizes that his entire body has changed...He learns that he can scale a wall, finds that his strength has increased greatly, & that he has gained great agility, not to mention a "warning-sense" which we later call "spider-sense"...All powers proportionate to that of a spider!!

Peter initially used his powers for winning contests & making money as well as becoming a showman...he also created his very own costume &"web-shooters" to assist in his act...He finally named himself "Spider-Man".

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One night after finishing a television event, Spiderman encountered a situation where a thief runs past him while a policeman yells to him to try to stop him...Peter let him get away...Later that night as Peter arrived home, he sees a police car parked outside...The news was very bad...Peter's Uncle Ben has been shot & murdered!

Greatly angered by the news, Peter changes into Spiderman & goes after the burglar...using his powers, he easily contains the murderer and upon initial relief of catching the thief, that relief soon turned to dismay & regret...Why?...The same man that killed Benjamin Parker &   that Spiderman has just caught is the VERY same burglar that he let get away earlier before!!

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So what did Peter learn this very important day in his life?...Something that will forever be a cry in his legend...That "With Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility!!"...& Thus a Legend is Born!!

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