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Is This Peter Parker?     

Everyone thinks that the 1st Appearance of Peter Parker was in Amazing Fantasy #15, right?...Well think again!

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Exactly 1 month prior to the release of Amazing Fantasy #15, there was a little story in Amazing Adult Fantasy #14 (July 1962) entitled "The Man in the Sky!"

It seems to be an innocent story by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko that involves a child with mutant abilities who is growing up learning to deal with them, but the lead character makes this story far from innocent!

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As you can see, the similarity is somewhat uncanny...Maybe the authors were "trying out" the characters appearance a month prior to Spider-Man & Peter Parker arrival in history or maybe its just coincidence...We will probably never know!

Also see Is This Ben & May Parker? for a quick look at Strange Tales #97 and a strange "1st" appearance pf Aunt May & Uncle Ben.

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