Is This Ben & May Parker?     

In the same way that The Man in Amazing Fantasy #14 resembles Peter Parker (See Is This Peter Parker?)...Just 1 Month before that appeared an even more uncanny resemblance of not 1, but 2 major Spider-Man supporting characters!...Strange Tales #97 in June of 1962 included a 5 page backup story by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko entitled "Goodbye To Linda Brown"

About a Mermaid (not given away until the end of the story)...The Girl, Linda (Mermaid) speaks to "Uncle Ben" and "Aunt May" as they take care of her and cry at the end as she returns to the sea.

You decide for yourself concerning the resemblance...Obviously having the same names makes anyone wonder that there HAS to be some kind of connection there...This story has been reprinted in Marvel Selects: Spider-Man #5 (5/00).

Also see Is This Peter Parker? for a quick look at Amazing Fantasy #14 and an Amazing "1st" appearance of Peter Parker.

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