Full Name:
Benjamin Parker

First Appearance:
Amazing Fantasy
#15 (As Ben Parker)
Strange Tales #97 (1st possible appearance)

Amazing Fantasy
#15 (definite)

Return/ Revival:

Married/ Courtship:
Spectacular Spider-Man
Annual #4

May Reilly Parker - Wife...Peter Parker - Nephew
...Mary Jane Watson-Parker - Niece...Richard Parker - Brother...Mary Parker - Sister-In-Law...Horace - Uncle-In-Law (deceased)


For obvious reason, Ben Parker's profile is a short one, probably best known for his line: "With great power comes great responsibility". The line is one that Peter Parker has lived with his entire life as Spider-Man. More than  father figure to young Peter, Ben was also a very dedicated husband to May. His appearances in the spider-titles have been 99% flashbacks, and he is often seen as an intelligent, gentle man of high morals.



Ben's first appearance was also his last appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, but he has been seen a number of times before that in flashback form. A former Carnival Barker in Coney Island, Ben fell in love with May Reilly, after May made a mistake of almost falling for a criminal named Johnny Jerome. Never having children, they were soon surrogate parents, when Ben's younger brother Richard and his wife Mary died on a spy mission in an explosion. Ben was shot and killed by a burglar one night in his own home. Peter had the chance to apprehend the very same Burglar earlier as Spider-Man, but chose not to do so. This decision changed his very life forever.


There have been some great flashback comics showing Ben's relationship with a young Peter. One of them was in Sensational Spider-Man -1 where the two went on an interesting fishing trip. Peter and Ben were very close, and shared many memorable times together. One of the best stories involving their relationship is shown in Peter Parker: Spider-Man V2 #33 where they go to a New York Mets game every year, and they lose every year. Other appearances of note include Amazing Spider-Man -1, Spider-Man -1, and Peter Parker: Spider-Man V2 #20. Unfortunately that's all we have on this character, but he is none the less, arguably the most important one.




History through Thumbnails

1st Appearance?
Strange Tales #97
Early appearance
Amazing Fantasy #15
Shot (flashback)
Amazing Spider-Man #200
Young Ben and May
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #4
The Family Unit
Spider-Man -1
May he rest in peace
Peter Parker: Spider-Man V2 #20



Ben Parker will be played by veteran acotr Cliff Robertson in the Spider-Man Motion Picture, out May 2002.

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