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October 1998

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Supporting Cast:
Norman Osborn, Mary Jane Watson

Morris Maxwell


"A Day In The Life" - 22 Pages

Writer - John Byrne
Artist - Luke Ross
Inker -
Al Milgrom
Cover -
Norman Felchle
- Liz Agraphiotis
Colorist -
John Kalisz
Editor - Ralph Macchio
Editor In Chief - Bob Harras

The Gathering Of Five Part 4 of 5. Continued from Spider-Man #96. Continued in Sensational Spider-Man #33.

Ok, so we left Spider-Man #96 with Madame Web (recently brought in as a participant in the gathering of five) having a premonition of Norman Osborn being responsible foe the end of the world through use of some sort of genetic bomb. So far, there are 4 participants in the ceremony to come: Norman Osborn, Greg Herd (Override), A pawn store owner named Maxwell, and Madame Web. They will all vie for the 5 gifts given off during the ceremony: Great Power, Immortality, Knowledge, Death, and Madness. This is part four of the five issue Gathering Of Five storyline, and peoples lives are much closer to being changed forever.

Part four begins with an interlude during very bad stormy weather, where a very angry Norman Osborn is talking on the telephone to a man named Franklin. Franklin was supposed to meet Osborn and the rest of the participants by midnight that night, but have some kind of excuse not to show up. Osborn tells Franklin to be there, and not a second later. There is now only one piece of the rock fragment collection missing, and Franklin must have it. As Franklin gets off the phone at his home, someone unknown to him has also been listening on another line in the house, and wonders to him or herself what a "wuss" his or her father is. End of the interlude.

A half day later, Spider-Man is swinging through New York City, while two very aggressive bike riders named Brad and Mikey race their way through the streets. They are late for something, but when the see Spider-Man swing around, they decide to follow him instead of try to make where they are going on time. They race as fast as they can go to follow Spider-Man, almost knocking over many people walking around the city. They stop to stare when Spider-Man stops swinging and begins to scale down a wall of a building. Spider-Man enters a bodega, and the two bikers get a closer look, when all of a sudden a masked criminal comes flying through the front door with gun in hand. Spider-Man comes back out and webs up his gun , then disposes of him with a simple back-handed smack. Spider-Man then webs up the robber so that the police have time to pick him up. The store owner thanks Spider-Man for capturing the would be robber, and Spider-Man begins his swinging once again with the bikers on his trail again.

Elsewhere in another part of the city, Mary Jane is meeting with a modeling agency, possibly getting back into that career. When given a contract to sign, Mary Jane is flabbergasted at the amount on it, then we turn our attention back to Spider-Man. The bikers are still on the chase, but are now losing ground, as Spider-Man is going quicker and quicker. Spider-Man stops in a basketball court when he sees some older kids bullying some younger kids playing on the court. After the older kids take charge of the court, Spider-Man gets involved and puts a halt to their play by webbing up the basketball. All the kids are shocked to see him there, and Spider-Man challenges to older kids to a game of four on one. Of course, Spider-Man outplays all of them, due to his enhanced powers, speed, and agility, and one of the players tries to take the ball from him. This was the wrong choice, as Spider-Man sends him into a brick wall taking the wind out of him. He asks is anyone else wants to take the basketball away from him now, but no one volunteers. The two set of kids now learn to play together after they have learned their lesson, so Spider-Man is off again with the bikers tailing him.

After one of Madame Web's premonitions come true, from the end of
Spider-Man #96, in the form of yet another actor Wesley Snipes Blade movie ads appearing, the bikers cause a major accident on the streets of New York. They leave as fast as they can before the police can arrive. Just as they think they are clear of any trouble, they ride right into a freshly woven giant web created by Spider-Man. He states to the bikers that it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Mikey gets loose, then tries to run away, but did he really think he could get away from Spider-Man? The answer is a resounding no! Now that both bike riders are caught, they explain that they are lawyers and that they could lose their jobs. But it doesn't sway Spider-Man one bit, as the police take them away, and Spider-Man swings away for the umpteenth time.

Time for another interlude, with Norman Osborn waiting at LaGuardia Airport for the man named Franklin. Flight number 807 has finally arrived at gate four, and he is relieved, as he makes his way through the crowd looking for Franklin. After the last passenger gets off the plane, he doesn't see Franklin anywhere and asks a lady if there are any more passengers on the plane. He is told that there are no more passengers left to get off the plane, and Norman is confused until another person in place of Franklin arrives with a briefcase in hand. Just who this person is will be explained in the last part of The Gathering Of Five, Sensational Spider-Man #33.

Not much really happening in this issue, as most of it had nothing to do with the gathering of five ceremony. It mostly evolved around the two bike riders and their chasing of Spider-Man throughout the city. Easily the weakest issue of the five part storyline. Things do truly heat up in the last part of the storyline in Sensational Spider-Man #33.

Quality Rating: 2
Significance Rating: 2

Overall Rating:



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