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March 1996

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Supporting Cast:
Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Sally Avril



"On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man!" - 20 Pages

- Kurt Busiek
Artist - Pat Olliffe
Inker - Al Vey & Pam Eklund
Cover -
Pat Olliffe
- Richard Starkings
Colorist -
Steve Mattsson
Editor - Tom Brevoort
Executive Editor - Bob Budiansky
Editor In Chief - Bob Harras

It's only six issues of Untold Tales Of Spider-Man, and it's already left a remarkable impression of the history of Spider-Man. A series of Untold Tales with new and already introduced characters have already taken place, but there is plenty of room for much much more. Batwing, who was introduced in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #2 makes his follow-up appearance this issue, and the man called Electro also makes a surprise appearance as well.

Where do we begin? I guess the beginning, where Spider-Man is swinging around in lower Manhattan at night and meets Batwing in an alley. Spider-Man brings the mutated boy some food in a sack, and Batwing thanks him for being such a good friend. Again, Spider-Man asks Batwing if he wants any help, but Batwing wants nothing to do with doctors based on his prior experience with them. After Batwing escapes into the dark, Spider-Man learns he is being watched by students, Sally Avril and Jason, who want to learn Spider-Man's identity and win an award given by the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man's spider-sense went off and he surprises the kids, webbing-up Jason's feet to the ground. Sally on the other hand, is highly impressed with Spider-Man. The next day at school, Jason tells the other students of their experience with Spider-Man, and is very angry that Spider-Man webbed up his feet. Peter at the school, receives an eye clinic flyer, and is interested in the advertised free exam since he had his eyeglasses broken. The flyers have been in circulation a lot lately, tacked to poles and windows everywhere. Peter visits a Dr. Winslow and takes him into a strange lab area where he is sitting in a chair with a set of mechanical goggle-like instruments over his eyes. His spider-senses go off after seeing some strange lights, falls asleep, then is awoken by Dr. Winslow. The doctor gives Peter the results that his vision is excellent, but Peter does not remember the test for some reason. After telling Peter that there is nothing to worry about, Peter leaves.

Now without any patients, Winslow goes back into a dark room, where he has another visitor with a strange costume and head-piece. The mystery-man calls the doctor "Winkler", his real last name. It seems there is more to Winkler's free exams than meets the eye (pun intended!). The next phase of the two men's operation begins that night, and after treating people for two weeks all over the city, they believe there will be plenty of rewards to be reaped. More on these two later. Now at the offices of the Daily Bugle, Peter stops by to pick up secretary Betty Brant, and they go out to eat. While at a burger joint, Peter receives some sort of strange shock to his head, where everything went "gray" for a second. Betty then suggest that Peter go home to get some sleep, and Betty goes home. Instead of going home to rest, Peter changes into Spider-Man, and goes tackling some crooks. All of a sudden, things go gray again for Peter, and he doesn't do anything for a while. He goes off with a bag of money one of the crooks had, and all this time, Sally and Jason has been watching again. They follow Spider-Man, as well as more people who look like they are zombies, right into a building. Inside the building, the people are all carrying some sort of valuable, be it jewelry, money, what have you. Inside we also learn that Doctor Winkler is awaiting the people, along with his ally: Electro!

As the willing puppets bring in their valuables to the unlikely criminal duo, they realize that Spider-Man is one of their subjects. They realize that one of their "patients" they treated over the last couple of weeks, must have been Spider-Man's alter ego, and they now think that he is theirs to control. Electro remembers their first meeting that took place in Amazing Spider-Man #9 when Spider-Man defeated him. Electro has since jumped bail and now wants to settle a score between him and Spider-Man. Electro prepares to remove Spider-Man's mask, just as Sally and Jason look on with a camera ready, but the flash of the camera accidentally goes off. The flash somehow makes Spider-Man aware of his surroundings again, as he is optically snapped out of whatever control he was in. Winkler then sends the others he previously treated after Spider-Man, just as Spidey has his hands full with Electro. Spider-Man picks up Electro and throws him into the machine that has all the "treated" people under Winkler's control. All of the treated people are now fully aware of their surroundings, and wonder where they are and how they got there. Electro shakes himself off and goes after Spider-Man again, after feeding off a main power cable. Just as he begins to put a charge into Spider-Man, Sally Avril comes out and gives Electro a good kick in the head knocking him silly. Spider-Man then adds a knockout punch to finish off Electro. Spider-Man takes the camera, and takes pictures of the two kids, which the Daily Bugle uses the next day with their headline: "School Kids Foil Super-Villain". Jason and Sally are now the talk of Midtown High School!

At the end, Sally has some sort of new idea for herself, and we will have to see just what that is, but it will take a couple of issues. Electro makes his next appearance in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #11 working with the Eel, and then goes up against a new hero by the name of Daredevil in Daredevil #2, before joining up with the Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

Alternates with same cover

I - Flip Book with Fantastic Four Unplugged #4


Quality Rating: 4
Significance Rating: 2

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Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #6

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