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October 2008

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Supporting Cast:
Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Benjamin Parker, Gene Thompson, Normie Osborn

X-Men, Push, Darkdevil, Kaine

Goblin Queen, Impact, Pirouette, Headcase, Magneta

"Did Someone Say Clones?!" - 21 Pages

Writer - Tom DeFalco
Artist - Ron Frenz
Inking -
Sal Buscema
Cover - Ron Frenz
Lettering - Dave Sharpe
Colorist - Bruno Hang
Assistant Editor - Tom Brennan
Editor -
Tom Brevoort
Editor In Chief - Joe Quesada

Spider-Girl comes face to face with her clone on the last page. Continued.

Quality Rating: 4
Significance Rating: 4

Overall Rating:



Amazing Spider-Girl #22

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