Soul Of The Hunter

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Supporting Cast:
Mary Jane Watson




Kraven (Soul)

"Soul Of The Hunter!"
- 45 Pages

Writer - J. M. Dematteis
Artist - Mike Zeck
Inking -
Bob McLeod
Cover - Mike Zeck
Lettering - Rick Parker
Colorist -
Steve Buccellatto
Editor -
Danny Fingeroth
Editor In Chief - Tom DeFalco

The Death of Kraven storyline has always been one of the greatest storylines that has ever been published. Spider-Man was buried alive for quite some in that story that saw the untimely demise of a great spider-villain when Kraven took his own life. Peter Parker has never truly shown much of the after effect of that storyline until this one-shot issue which is published in square bound format. The original storyline started in Web Of Spider-Man #31 & 32, Amazing Spider-Man #293 & 294 and Spectacular Spider-Man #131 & 132.

Peter and Mary Jane begin the story as they visit a Funeral Home showing their respect to their friend Roger's mother who recently passed away. While there, Peter begins to think about his Uncle Ben and then himself when he was buried alive by Kraven. He begins 
to sweat and feel very uncomfortable and is very quiet around Mary Jane concerning these feelings. Just before the service is about to begin, Peter suits up as Spider-Man and goes out swinging until he finds a kid trapped inside a very large hole in a construction site.
While saving the child, he begins to have flashbacks about him being in the grave, trying to get out. The child is saved, but not before making a fool of himself in front of many. He returns to the service and stays until the end. Him and Mary Jane return home and talk 
about these new feelings concerning death that Peter has, and many of them concern Kraven.

While asleep, Peter begins to dream that he is at Kraven's grave and he's calling him a coward and shouting to leave him alone since he can't get him out of his mind. As Peter gets closer to the grave, Kraven's arm comes out of the ground to grasp Peter's throat and this is where Peter awakens. While sitting in a chair, Peter sees Kraven's ghost appear in front of him. The ghost says nothing as Peter gets spooked out by all of this and goes right through him trying to attack him. Peter thinks that has been drugged or is hallucinating and begins to realize that the ghost is asking for help and release. Next we meet a large darkly cloaked character
resembling death itself who speaks for Kraven. It explains that there was a bond forged when Kraven was alive and that is a choice for Peter to make which can save the Hunter's soul. Peter quickly declines to help that of a dead man and at that point, the sky explodes with a whirlpool of spinning human forms all of which have taken their own lives just like Kraven. Peter hears the torment and anguish from these beings that committed suicide who are now trapped in this state. Each spirit has a link to a living being connected in a unique way and that being is the only one who can save the trapped spirit from it's "bondage". Peter is Kraven's "link" and Peter still declines to help Kraven's soul. The madness ends when Mary Jane awakens Peter out of his "sleep".

After a talk with MJ about the "dream" Peter decides to deal with this the only way he sees fit. He suits up as Spider-Man and visits the grave. He meets the dark figure again where he asks Peter to make his choice and Kraven's ghost appears again ready to begin a battle for the soul of Kraven. It's not the spirit that Spider-Man must battle but Kraven's body for some reason. Spider-Man decides this time to do battle for certain and try to save Kraven's soul. After a couple of pages of Spider-Man and the body of Kraven, Spider-Man is taken down a hole by Kraven's body and he clings to the top with but one hand. Memories of Uncle Ben and Mary Jane pass by and Peter gets the motivation to pull out of the hole and quickly disposes of Kraven's body thereby freeing Kraven's soul which vanishes into nothing as he and Spider-Man hold each other. Spider-Man then returns home after all the parties have vanished. Peter and Mary Jane visit Roger again to see how he is doing and both he and Peter at this point, are doing much better.

Quality Rating: 4
Significance Rating: 3

Overall Rating:




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