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November 1972

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Supporting Cast:
Harry Osborn


Puppet Master, 1st Monstroid

"A Passion Of The Mind!" - 20 Pages

Writer -
Gerry Conway
Artist - Gil Kane
Inker - Mike Esposito
Cover - Gil Kane
Lettering - Jon Costanza
Editor -
Roy Thomas

The Vision and Spider-Man really haven't joined forces much in that past besides being next to each other in an Avengers cameo appearance by Spider-Man. The Vision is not exactly Daredevil or the Human Torch when it comes to teaming-up with Spider-Man, but they were to have their share of team-ups in both this title and a couple of others. Here is the first team-up of any substance between the web-head and the Avenger in the fifth issue of Marvel Team-Up. Oh yeah, One look at the cover and you'd say to yourself: "Who the heck is the Monstroid?!" Well, we shall find out right here!

The story begins with Spider-Man out swinging way past bedtime and he spots what he thinks is an insomniac. The man is weaving back forth giving the impression that he may be drunk or hurt. When Spider-Man goes to help the man, he finds nothing but a hat and coat, until a red-skinned man wearing a green and yellow costume comes out of the sidewalk resembling a ghost. Spider-Man recognizes the Vision and helps him as he weakly falls into his arms. Spider-Man takes him to his apartment and sneaks him onto to sofa as his roommate Harry Osborn is sleeping. When the Vision awakens, he is in very agonizing pain and hasn't the time to tell Spider-Man his story as another bout of weakness occurs.

The answers do exist though concerning the how's and why's of the Vision's current state, and they exist on Long Island's North Shore in a dark laboratory where the Puppet Master is hard at work. He is working on a small version of a life-size robot and ponders that he has spent his entire life creating puppets designed to enforce his will on the souls of others, but now he has his finest creation in his hands to date. It was weeks ago that an alien ship plunged into the sea as witnessed by Mr. Masters, and when he pried himself inside he discovered a huge alien robot named Ballox whom he re-named Monstroid. He had visions (no pun intended) of defeating his most hated foes: The Fantastic Four! Back to the present in Manhattan, the Monstroid crashes through the walls of a prestigious jewelry store enabling the Puppet Master to easily take what he desires like a kid in a candy store. Outside the police arrive, but they are no match for the Monstroid, as he picks up their police cars and toss them like baseballs. Now you may be asking, how is this all connected to what occurred to the Vision? Well, answers are on their way!

The Vision is again free from his most recent seizure and he and Spider-Man leave the apartment just before Harry wakes up and walks into the living room. Spider-Man takes the Vision to a hospital where he uses an electro-encephalogram and computer probe to find out that the Vision is showing two sets of brain waves. At the same moment that the Vision begins to have another seizure, the Puppet Master flies atop the Monstroid towards the Baxter Building, the home of the Fantastic Four. When they reach the top of the building, the Monstroid demolishes a laser designed to protect the area and they make their way inside the building but find no one inside of it. Meanwhile, Spidey and the Vision are also targeting the Baxter Building but for different reasons: The frequency that is acting like the Vision's second brain wave is coming straight from the building. The exact same frequency that is causing the Vision's seizures. As they make their way to the building, Mr. Masters sees them on a security screen and prepares the Monstroid for them. Quickly, Spider-Man and the Monstroid battle it out as the Vision reacts as if his brain is on fire. As the Monstroid gets ready to land a punch on the Vision, the Vision makes himself completely dense less. Confused, the Monstroid then goes after Spider-Man again and he burns through his webbing when he gets some in his eyes. These two battle it for awhile while Vision accidentally finds the Puppet Master and puts his arm through him knocking him unconscious. The model Monstroid he has been holding falls to the ground and breaks to pieces thus resulting in the real Monstroid falling helplessly to the ground. The Monstroid was longer influenced by the Puppet Master's will.

The Vision explains to Spider-Man that the Monstroid and him shared the same mental frequency and whenever the Monstroid was activated, it jammed the Vision's mind. The Vision learned when their minds were linked by common brainwave patterns, that the creature was actually a Skrull scout used as an experimental model during the Kree-Skrull war that took place in the Avengers #89-97. The Monstroid appears next in Marvel Premiere #24. A pretty average but fun read involving one of the more off-beat villains in the Puppet Master. Spider-Man and the Vision go on to team-up again in Marvel Team-Up #41-44 in one of this titles more classic storyline's.

Quality Rating: 3
Significance Rating: 2

Overall Rating:


Reprinted In:
Spider-Man Megazine

Marvel Team-Up #4

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