Welcome to the Clone Saga Timeline...An area of the site devoted to an era in Spider-Man's life that many would rather soon forget but still many fondly remember...It is and probably will always be the most controversial period in Spider-Man's long history and none the less is a very important one.

I am sure many Spider-Man fans, mostly new, have wondered who Ben Reilly or the Scarlet Spider was...Or what was this clone thing that happened way back when? Or Is the Spider-Man we are reading now still the same Spider-Man we read back in 1960-something or 1970-something? Or Who else was a clone of Spider-Man or Peter Parker? Or who or what was Kaine? Traveller? Scrier? Gaunt? Spidercide? and others.

This tumultuous period in Peter Parker's life (The real one!) had many twists and turns in it. The overriding theme running through all the Spider-Titles at the time was who exactly was the real Peter Parker and who is (are) the mastermind(s) behind the whole setup was...It angered many and pleased many at the same time as the story ran it's course, which was TOO long!...In the end, everything was back to normal with the return of Spider-Man's and Peter Parker's greatest nemesis!

While receiving many suggestions to to do something concerning this era almost on a daily basis such as the Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, et. al., I have honestly put it off as much as I can!...In my opinion, this is the absolute most complex period for any single Marvel character and was pretty difficult in compiling with many re-writes and re-organizations of the timeline...But I realized that a Spider-Man  site cannot be complete without a comprehensive explanation about the Clone Saga and left it for the end...So here it is, the Clone Saga is explained at last. Or at least the best I can!

Please use the timeline in conjunction with the various profiles and comic/ cover summaries to fully understand the entire Clone Saga and the main characters that played a part in it...The timeline is obviously in chronological order with dates of the comics given and last if not least, please forward any corrections or disagreements you may have concerning the timeline to me as I would like to keep this timeline as definitive as possible.


The Clone Saga Timeline - Part 1 - Before The Scarlet Spider

The Clone Saga Timeline - Part 2 - The Scarlet Spider

The Clone Saga Timeline - Part 3 - Revelations

The Clone Saga Timeline - Part 4 - After The Clone Saga


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