Name: Julia Carpenter

ID: Secret

Relatives: Rachel, daughter...Larry, estranged husband

Affiliates: Former member of Freedom Force, Avengers West Coast, and Force Works.

Major Enemies: The Seekers, Wrecking Crew, Mystique, Death Web, and many Avengers villains.

Powers: Superhuman strength able to lift 10 tons and enhanced stamina, speed, and agility...Ability to stick to walls similar to Spider-Man by projecting Psionic energy through her hands and feet...Major weapon is the ability to spin a "Psi-Web" of Psionic energy that can support 10 tone of weight for up to an hour.

Origin: The source of Julia's powers are from being injected with Spider-Venom.

1st App.: Secret Wars #6 (Partial)
Secret Wars #7 (Full)

October 1984

Origin Issue: Avengers West Coast #84-86 & Spider-Woman II #2

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man V2 #5...Spectacular Spider-Man #125 & 126...Sensational Spider-Man '96...Secret Wars #6-12...Avengers West Coast #84-86

There just had to be a another Spider-WOMAN!...After the "death" of Jessica Drew, the first Spider-Woman the second Spider-Woman was created on the Beyonder's planet in Secret Wars #6...She went to join forces with Freedom Force on the wrong side of the law but soon changed sides and joined the Avengers...Her origin was finally told in Avengers West Coast #84-86 with a guest appearance by Spider-Man as they fought Death-Web...Julia also met Spider-Man in Spectacular Spider-Man #125 & 126 where they battled the Wrecking Crew...Julia recently has just made cameo and rare appearances.

Spider-Man Friend Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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