Name: Silver Sablinovia

ID: Public

Relatives: Ernst, Father...Anastasia, Mother (Deceased)...Mortimer, Uncle, Anna, Niece...Foreigner, Ex-Husband

Affiliates: Leader of the Wild Pack (Crippler, Chen, Quentino, Powell, Battlestar), Ally of Spider-Man, Sandman, Paladin, Puma, Rocket Racer, Prowler, Will O' The Wisp, Foreigner

Major Enemies: Black Fox, Foreigner, Sinister Syndicate, Hobgoblin, Hammerhead, Hydra, Baron Von Strucker, Priapus, Venom, Genesis Coalition, Various Nazi Organizations.

Powers: Silver has no super-human powers but is an expert hand to hand combatant, markswoman, swordsman, gymnast and skilled in various martial arts. She also has displayed strong leadership abilities.

Origin: Silver has been self trained throughout her life as she has no super-human powers.




1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man  #265:

June 1985

Origin Issue: Web Of Spider-Man Annual  #5...Silver Sable #9

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #265, 279-281, 301-303, 320-325, 345, 375, 407, Annual 25 (Backup) & Annual 2000 (Backup)...Spectacular Spider-Man #129, Annual 10 (Backup) & Annual 11 (Backup)...Web Of Spider-Man #50, 71, 72, Annual 5 (Backup) & Annual 7 (Backup)...Marvel Team-Up V2 #3...Spider-Man Unlimited #16...Webspinners #17 & 18...Fear Itself Graphic Novel...What-If? V2 #20 & 21...Silver Sable #1, 4, 17, 18 & 30



Possibly only second to the Black Cat, Silver Sable has been the most widely seen female character in the pages of Spider-Man's titles. It started off slowly for the Symkarian bounty hunter as they both went after the Black Fox in Amazing Spider-Man #265 then met again against the newly formed Sinister Syndicate in Amazing Spider-Man #279-281. Spider-Man would again meet up with the distrusting heroine from Europe in Amazing Spider-Man #301-303 and again in Assassin Nation Plot storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #320-325.



Silver Sable was getting more and more popular and was even receiving her own back-up stories in various Spider-Man Annuals. She received her very own title that lasted 35 issues that featured some very good stories. The title also featured the Wild Pack, a team of bounty hunters that work with Silver for profit that her father originally formed to hunt down Nazi war criminals. That same titles featured many Spider-Man characters including the Sandman in many of them as well as Venom, the Sinister Syndicate and Hammerhead. Currently, she makes an appearance every now and then.


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