Web Of Spider-Man #118

1st Appearance of The Scarlet Spider.



At first, Ben Reilly was simply known as Spider-Man's clone...He was created by Miles Warren (The Jackal) from Peter Parker's tissue sample he obtained years earlier...Miles blamed Peter/ Spider-Man for the death of Gwen Stacy and was intent on making his life a living nightmare...He did this by sending a clone of him to fight him in Shea Stadium...An explosion apparently killed the clone and Spider-Man disposed of the body in a smokestack at an incinerating plant...After being tested by Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard), Spider-Man received the test results but threw away after being satisfied that he was the real Peter Parker and never looked back or questioned the situation again until...


A mystery man began calling Peter's Aunt May as her health conditions declined and when May went into a hospital, the mystery man became so upset that he got on his motorcycle and rode all the way to New York City to see her...Why did he care?...The mystery man became less and less mysterious as he visited Peter Parker's old school and his class ring he wore was a ring from the same school...After dodging Peter at the hospital the first couple of times, the mystery man met Peter Parker face to face and set off the wildest era in the history of Spider-Man - The clone was back!


Deciding to stay in the city and to try to make a life for himself, Ben Reilly needed to assume a new identity as a crime fighter...Since Spider-Man was obviously already taken, he went for something pretty close, but with color: The Scarlet Spider!...The Scarlet Spider continued for a while as a Pseudo-Spider-Man and worked with Spidey quite a bit...He joined the New Warriors, a team of younger super-heroes and he really did make a name for himself until a cybernetic version of himself came on the scene and ruined his name...At the same time, the real Spider-Man moved to Portland with his expecting wife Mary Jane so there was a need for a Spider-Man. Who was better qualified than Ben?


A new costume, a new hair color, a new job at the Daily Grind coffee shop and a new identity as the new Spider-Man,  Plus after the revelation that Ben was the real Peter Parker, Ben finally made the life he always wanted for himself...There was only one problem: He was one of many pawns being used by a then mysterious powerful man who wanted, even more than the Jackal, to make Peter Parker's life a nightmare...The man would eventually show his face and Spider-Man's greatest enemy has returned: The original Green Goblin, Norman Osborn!...With Peter/ Spider-Man in the middle of a major battle with the Goblin, Ben gave his life to save his "brother" Peter by getting in the way of the Goblin's glider and became impaled with it...In the saddest of endings, Ben Reilly was no more but was found to be the true clone.


Scarlet Spider's Profile

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