Name: Ben Reilly


Relatives: Unknown...Clone of Peter Parker...Jackal, "Father" (Creator)

Affiliates: Former member of the New Warriors...Ally of Spider-Man, Human Torch & a number of Spider-Man allies...Confidant of Seward Trainer.

Major Enemies: Kaine, Jackal, Spidercide, Judas Traveller, Doctor Octopus II, Joystick, The Pro, Master Programmer, Aura, Override, Looter and many Spider-Man villains.

Powers: Same super-human powers as Spider-Man as far as possessing super strength, agility and speed as well as a spider-sense to warn him of danger and the ability to stick to surfaces...He also has use of impact webbing he created that engulfs it's victims when there is impact and "stingers" that he shoots from his wrists..

Origin: Ben was "born" as the result of being cloned from a sample of Peter Parker's tissue and was programmed by his creator Miles Warren to go into the world as the true Spider-Man.


1st App.: Clone - Amazing Spider-Man #149
Scarlet Spider - Web Of Spider-Man #118

Spider-Man #75

Origin Issues:
Web Of Spider-Man #117, Amazing Spider-Man #394, Spider-Man #51, Spectacular Spider-Man #217 (All reprinted in Lost Years #0)...Scarlet Spider - Web Of Spider-Man #118

Scarlet Spider Appearances:

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Spider-Man Friend Rating: 10 (out of 10)


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