Name: Stephen Strange

ID: Known, Master of Mystic Arts, Sorcerer Supreme

Relatives: Clea, Wife...Victor (Brother Blood II), Brother (Deceased)...Donna, Sister (Deceased)...Eugene, Father (Deceased)...Beverly, Mother (Deceased)

Affiliates: Founding Member of the Defenders and Secret Defenders...Ally of Clea, Wong (Servant), Rintrah, Ancient One, Spider-Man and most other Marvel Heroes.

Major Enemies: Baron Mordo, Nightmare, Dormammu, Silver Dagger, Dracula, Umar, Kaluu, Sise-Neg.

Powers: Strange has the ability to manipulate mystical energies and has a great mastery of the arts of magic. He has developed such psychic powers as mesmerism, astral projection and thought-casting. Has tapped into the universes magical energies such as teleportation, illusion-casting and energy projection. Also has tapped extra-dimensional energy and is very knowledgeable in the martial arts.  Wears a cloak of levitation enabling him to fly and wears the eye of Agomotto which is the source of many great powers such as radiating blinding lights to providing a gateway into other dimensions.

Origin: Once a gifted, yet arrogant and selfish Neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange was involved in an automobile accident leaving his nerves damaged and his days as a surgeon came to a quick end. After several failed attempts to find a cure, Strange became a recluse but learned of a man named the Ancient One with great mystical powers. Stephen barely made it to The Ancient One's palace in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet, but he had to prove himself worthy of  becoming the Ancient One's disciple when asking for help and mentoring.  He proved himself  being worthy when warning the Ancient One of the evil of Baron Mordo. Strange has since learned much of the the secrets of sorcery and magic, eventually earning the name Master Of The Mystic Arts!



1st App.: Strange Tales #110

Origin Issues: Strange Tales #115

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #109, 336, V2 #41, 42, Annual #2 & 14...Marvel Team-Up #21, 50, 51, 76, 77, 80, 81, 111, 112, 125 (With Scarlet Witch) & Annual 5...Spectacular Spider-Man #115 & 117...Spider-Man Team-Up #6...Sensational Spider-Man #22 & 23...Spider-Man Unlimited #15...Untold Tales Of Spider-Man '97 & '98 (Strange Encounters)...The Way To Dusty Death...Doctor Strange #179...Defenders #107-109...Secret Defenders #6-8...Daredevil Annual 5...Vision & Scarlet Witch V2 #11...Fantastic Four #243...Incredible Hulk #300 & Annual 11...New Warriors #32-24 & Annual 3...Lifeline #1-3...World's Greatest Comics #3



Doctor Strange & Spider-Man


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