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Captain America Comics #1

1st Appearance and Origin of Captain America & Bucky.


The 1st True Appearance in the Silver-Age of Cap in Avengers #4 as the Avengers and the Submariner found him after many years while being frozen in ice...A man disguised as Cap appeared in Strange Tales #114 before this comic hit the stands...The 1st true meeting between these two great heroes was in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3 where Spidey was almost an Avenger and tested to become one by tackling the Incredible Hulk!! CapAmer137.gif (18315 bytes)


CapAmer266.gif (19501 bytes) After co-starring with Ironman in Tales of Suspense for over 40 issues, Captain America received his very own title for the 1st time in many years and was to continue to this day with a very successful comic title...The 1st Spider-Man appearance in Captain America's own title at a time when Cap had a partner by the name of the Falcon...These classic issues were Captain America #137 & 138.


These 2 heroes have fought against each other's major enemies, most notably for Spidey - The Red Skull & for Cap - Electro, The Scorpion, and Doctor Octopus for starters...Captain America and Spider-Man take on the menace known as the Sultan in Captain America # 265 & 266 in of the more recent Spider-Man and Captain America meetings...Spidey & Captain America appeared many times throughout all of Spider-Man's titles, most notably Amazing Spider-Man & Marvel Team-Up. ASM323.gif (19164 bytes)



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