Cover Price: $1.00

January 1989

Value: $14 (Near Mint-Mint)


Supporting Cast:
Mary Jane Watson, Curt Connors, Harry Osborn, Liz Osborn, Normy Osborn


Mysterio, Green Goblin II (Cameo), Hobgoblin (Cameo)

"Mysteries Of The Dead" - 23 Pages

Writer -
David Michelinie
Artist - Todd McFarlane
Inker - Todd McFarlane
Cover -
Todd McFarlane
- Rick Parker
Colorist -
Bob Sharen & Evelyn Stein
Editor - Jim Salicrup
Editor In Chief -
Tom DeFalco

Inferno continues... What the heck is Inferno? I don't think you would be able to tell that this was a cross-over issue after you read it but it is part of the X-Men related cross-over. The issue is pretty basic with not much really happening. It opens as Spider-Man swings by the New York Public Library while two Lion statues come to life. After battling the lions to their rocky death, Spider-Man arrives upon a scene where a young couple is being held up by a man at gunpoint. Spider-Man quickly takes away the gun from the robber and the building that Spider-Man is situated on comes to life in the form of something resembling Mr. Clean. The man who Spider-Man just helped from being robbed tried to help Spider-Man for some strange reason and literally gets smashed by the gargantuan's fist and sets Spider-Man off. The living building is then pummeled by Spider-Man.

After the incident, Spider-Man arrives back home to Mary Jane to talk about what just occurred. Very down on himself in thinking that he was responsible for the man's death, it affects Peter's concentration in college the next day and then leaves class to see Doctor Connors who is feeling very strange. We all know what that means! At night, Peter and Mary Jane go out to some cowboy bar where Peter breaks up a fight and they have another talk about the man's death from the night before. Later on, Peter goes back to the scene of the death as Spider-Man and sees that there are no traces of a major battle in the forms of rubble, bricks, or any damaged area close by. The word "Illusion" pops into Spider-Man's head to which he responds "Bingo!" and sets off to find the man who held up the young couple to begin with.

The man gives Spider-Man some information on the man who Spider-Man thinks paid him for setting Spider-Man up and off Spider-Man goes to an east coast warehouse recently converted to a sound stage where he finds Mysterio. Mysterio describes to Spider-Man his intentions of making Spider-Man believe that it was he who was the cause of an innocent man's death thereby undermining his confidence and weaken him psychologically so that he can defeat him. The usual Mysterio illusions then take place which do not fool Spider-Man for one minute and he punches and destroys the power source of the warehouse thereby shorting out the circuitry in Mysterio's costume. Another quick defeat for the master of illusion. The issue end with Harry Osborn having a nightmare of the Green Goblin and he then checks up on his son Normy. Little does he know though, is that the Hobgoblin is right outside his window which sets up next issues long awaited battle of goblins.

Pretty bland story when compared to the classic Mysterio storylines but overall a better than average issue. Mysterio gets involved with the re-grouped Sinister Six around this time and doesn't see as much solo action as before.

Quality Rating: 3
Significance Rating: 3

Overall Rating:



Amazing Spider-Man #310

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