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December 1979

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Supporting Cast:
    Harry Osborn, Liz Allen, Flash Thompson, Sha Shan


Burglar,  Mysterio

"Now You See Me! Now You Die!" - 17 Pages

Writer -
Marv Wolfman
Artist - Sal Buscema
Inker - Jim Mooney
Cover -
Keith Pollard
- Joe Rosen
Colorist -
George Roussos
Editor - Marv Wolfman
Editor In Chief -
Jim Shooter

After the major revelations of lasts issue, Spider-Man is seemingly left for dead at the bottom of a swimming pool quickly filling up with water. This issue, one that sports a cover reminiscent to the classic Amazing Spider-Man #4 with it's 4 corner boxes, begins with Spider-Man underwater testing how long he can hold his breath:). Mysterio, meanwhile, is trying to get information pertaining to a treasure buried in the old Parker house from the Burglar. The Burglar was knocked out last issue and is now tied to a pole threatening to murder Mysterio unless he releases him. Spider-Man finally frees himself of his underwater dangers by pulling the drain plug at the bottom of the pool and ridding the water down the drain.

After a long rest at home, Peter breaks free of his cast that was around his broken arm from two issues ago when the Kingpin broke it. His friends come over for some company and then he re-suits himself as Spider-Man. He swings on over to the old Parker house only to find that someone was there previously and left a mess. Out of nowhere, Mysterio suddenly appears creating yet another for Spider-Man to deal with. The two long time foes battle each for a couple of pages until Spider-Man follows him to the Restwell Nursing Home. They meet again and Mysterio shoots a tranquilizer dart filled with depressants into Spider-Man making him very weak. Barely able to stand, Spider-Man tries his best to continue after Mysterio but eventually falls to the ground. Mysterio claims that "Spider-Man is dead!!" and the issue comes to an end.

The action in this issue is very fast compared to last issue. So much was revealed last issue so to compare it may be unfair. The landmark 200th issue is set up nicely here but Mysterio is not part of the action in that issue. The Burglar takes center stage as Spider-Man confronts the man that made him!

The treasure in the Parker home is explained in more detail in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man #50 & #51 where Mysterio makes his next important appearance that also explains his role as one of the aliens from Amazing Spider-Man #2.

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 4

Overall Rating:



Amazing Spider-Man #198

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