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August 1979

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2nd Black Cat


Supporting Cast:
   Aunt May, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, Ned Leeds

 Black Cat

Burglar, Dr. Ludwig Rinehart (Quentin Beck/ Mysterio)

"Nine Lives Has The Black Cat!" - 18 Pages

Writer -
Marv Wolfman
Artist - Kieth Pollard
Inker - M. Hands (Milgrom, Mooney, Esposito)
Cover -
Al Milgrom
- John Costanza
Colorist -
George Roussos
Editor - Marv Wolfman
Editor In Chief -
Jim Shooter

Peter Parker receives Western Union Telegram that informs him that his Aunt May has died. Continued.

Quality Rating: 4
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:



Amazing Spider-Man #194

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