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July 1971

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No Comics Code - Drug Related


Supporting Cast:
 Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson


Green Goblin

"The Goblin's Last Gasp!" - 20 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Gil Kane
Inker - Frank Giacoia & Tony Mortellaro
Cover - Gil Kane
Lettering - Artie Simek

The last of three-part drug trilogy begins here in this issue. Remember last issue's cliff-hanger ending in which Peter was taking care of a drugged-out Harry Osborn, and just called the doctor for his roommate. At the same time, the Green Goblin is gliding outside the apartment waiting for Spider-Man to come and "play". A great dilemma for Peter: Stay and take care of his best friend, or go and battle his father, who has just recently had his memory return to him concerning the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. Of course, we all know by now that Norman has knowledge that Peter is Spider-Man, and wants to put him away for good (even at the expense of his son's well being). Lets see how this classic three parter, not approved by the Comics Code Authority, plays out!

"The Goblin's Last Gasp!" picks up not a second too late from the page of last issue, where the Green Goblin is just outside Peter and Harry's apartment window. "Did you expect the Green Goblin to let Spider-Man live?" yells the crazed Norman Osborn. After calling Peter a coward, the Goblin crashes through the window, and Peter shows the Goblin Harry. Norman somehow remembers who the young boy is, and is somewhat confused. After some buried memory comes forward into Norman's consciousness, he flees the apartment. "I can't remain! Not while HE is there!" cries the Goblin, as he takes off on his goblin glider, and prepares to care of Parker on another day. Back in the apartment, Peter prepares to take Harry to the hospital, and within a couple of minutes, he is picked up and taken to there. Peter now takes a walk, where he can't get Gwen Stacy out of his mind. We next cut to Gwen Stacy, at home, thinking that he she can't get Peter out of her mind. They both miss each other very much, but Gwen is in London, staying with her Uncle Arthur and Aunt Nancy.

Back in New York, Peter is still out walking, and bumps into Harry's drug dealer we all met last issue. After Peter learns what the dealer is all about, he displays great anger, and the dealer whistles for help. Out of nowhere, two goons come to the dealers side, ready to serve and protect. Peter doesn't want to give away his powers, so he makes like he is some kind of karate expert, after the two goons lay there hands on him. After the two goons were taken care of with ease, the dealer takes out a gun, but it's knocked out of his hands by Peter using his great speed. Peter then knocks the living you-know-what out of him, and deservingly so. Next, a change of scenery, to the offices of the Daily Bugle. Publisher J. Jonah Jameson and Joe Robertson talk about a proposed story of drug use by those OUT of the ghetto, including use by the rich upper classes. The story involves Harry Osborn, whose father is one of the paper's richest advertisers, and may create a problem down the line.

Back to the streets, where Peter Parker changes into Spider-Man, preparing himself for yet another battle with the Green Goblin. Peter worries about a new weapon that Goblin promised to use on him the next time they met, but there is too much at stake, so Peter swings away looking for his arch foe. While scouring the city looking for the Goblin, out of nowhere, an explosive blast of fire comes bursting right at Spider-Man. It's the Green Goblin, and he throws various pumpkin bombs at Spider-Man, beginning their inevitable final battle of the three part saga. While fighting, Peter worries excessively about the possibility of Norman exposing Peter's identity as Spider-Man. He even ponders death (of the Goblin) as a means of containing that fact, but quickly forgets that as an option. After Spider-Man dodges several normal pumpkin bombs, a new kind of pumpkin bomb is thrown at him: One that soaks through his costume, and takes away Spider-Man's ability to adhere to any surface. Peter finally learns of the Goblin's new weapon, as he falls from the side of a tall building. Spider-Man falls safely to a rooftop, where he is taunted by a very cocky Goblin, and to make matters worse, Spider-Man has run out of web fluid.

Like an acrobat, Spider-Man jumps and leaps from building to building, avoiding the Goblin's advances. He finally loses the Goblin for but a second, before jumping on him, greatly surprising him. With Spider-Man's legs wrapped tightly around the Goblin's neck, Spider-Man steers the Goblin's glider to the hospital where Harry lies in a bed. After Spider-Man forces the Goblin to view his son in such bad shape, the Goblin begins to tremble from the shock. The Goblin begins to remember that the boy laying in the bed is his son, and then faints in Spider-Man's arms. Strangely, Spider-Man's web-shooters begin to work again (remember he ran out of web fluid?), and then carries Norman back home. Norman is normal again, without memory of him being the Green Goblin, or Peter being Spider-Man. Peter burns the Goblin costume, then goes back to the streets, after changing back to Peter Parker.

Sometimes, Peter deserves the happiest of endings, as he and Gwen Stacy (back from England), find each other on the streets. They run into each other's arms, and then end the issue locking lips. There are good times, and there are bad times. If these are the good times, then be very assured that the next time that the Green Goblin appears in this title, the times are going to be very bad!

Very suggested three-part drug themed classic. Try and get Marvel Tales #191, which reprints all three issues in a nice little package for a couple of bucks. Snag it if you can find it, as the original will run you a couple hundred dollars for the set in nice condition. The Green Goblin makes his "final" appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #121 & #122, in a story that all other Spider-Man stories are measured against.

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

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Reprinted In:
Marvel Tales
Marvel Tales

Amazing Spider-Man #97

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