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January 1966

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Supporting Cast:
J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Ned Leeds, Aunt May, Frederick Foswell, Curt Connors


Doctor Octopus (Master Planner),  Master Planner's Henchmen

"Man On A Rampage!" - 20 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Steve Ditko
Cover - Steve Ditko
Lettering - Artie Simek

Man On A Rampage! A very fitting title for the second part of the great Master Planner storyline sees Peter Parker/ Spider-Man at his most furious, at least this early in his career. The question of just who is the Master Planner is quickly answered as the reader turns the splash page and a couple of tentacles reach out turning dials and flipping levers. It's Doctor Octopus last seen chronologically in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #19. He is bent on controlling the world through learning how to fully control radiation in his secret underwater base known to only him and his henchmen at this point, but that will soon change.

Peter is at the Daily Bugle at this time trying to brush-off Betty Brant with Ned Leeds near by. Ned is still awaiting Betty's answer to his proposal for marriage, but Betty still has feelings for Peter. Anyway, Peter visits the hospital where his very sick Aunt is and learns that she has absorbed a radioactive particle in her blood and the doctors are unable to get it out. Peter takes responsibility for this due mainly to his very own radioactive blood and it being used in a blood transfusion when she needed one. Back at home, the title of this story takes full effect as Peter demolishes the place filled with anger. "No matter what the cost--I'll save her!" Peter cried out then remembers that Doctor Curt Connors (AKA the Lizard from Amazing Spider-Man #6) is a specialist in this field and that he may help him. Connors, it is learned, has moved from Florida to New York, and Spider-Man quickly drops in on him. After checking a sample of Aunt May's blood, Connors knows of only one thing that may help save her life: A new serum from the west coast called ISO-36 and Connors orders some immediately. The serum is being delivered on a special shipment and should be there very soon, but we also learn that the good Doctor Octopus also desires the same serum for use in his studies. Ock arranges to have his henchmen steal the serum and not let anything stop them. The henchmen do not let Ock down as they are successful in stealing the ISO-36 and after Connors and Spider-Man get word of the bad news, Spider-Man leaves quickly looking for the Master Planner searching everywhere he can possibly think of that may lead him to him. He finds Bugle reporter Frederick Foswell and asks for any tips.

While Aunt May lies in the hospital seemingly on her death bed, Spider-Man is now truly on a rampage thrashing and smashing his way into every locale inhabited by crooks looking for information on where the Master Planner may be. Time is obviously of the essence here as Doc Connors is impatiently awaiting Spider-Man to return and Peter's Aunt is close to death, but out of nowhere, he finds a trap door in a floor and it leads to an underground base filled with the Master Planner's henchmen. After valiantly fighting the many henchmen, Spider-Man finds his way to a secret tunnel searching for the lost serum. Doctor Octopus leaves the serum out as bait and when Spider-Man takes it, Ock does more than just show his face to Spider-Man. Spider-Man fights Ock ferociously and Ock knows it, so he cuts out as Spider-Man is tearing the place up literally, but Ock takes out a cast iron main support beam as he leaves. It was as if the sky was falling as many units weighing tons fall from above and Spider-Man is trapped underneath a huge iron unit the size of a battleship. The serum is feet away from him seemingly taunting him while he is helplessly trapped. If that wasn't enough trouble for Spider-Man, leaks are slowly but surely occurring from the ceiling getting larger and larger. It won't be long until the whole river comes surging through the underwater base. Talk about stress! Aunt May is dying in a hospital, Curt Connors is still waiting for the ISO-36 serum that is losing it's potency, the Master Planner's henchmen are waiting outside for Spider-Man if he escapes, but that doesn't look like such a great possibility at this point as the drops from the ceiling are getting much larger and larger. "I've failed!! Just now--When it counted the most--I've failed!!" cries Spider-Man as he is seemingly forever trapped under an iron unit weighing tons while the ceiling above is going to come down crashing any moment now!

You just don't get a better Spider-Man comic than this...Until maybe next issue! Doctor Octopus does not show up next issue but he does make his next appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #53.

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:


Reprinted In:
Marvel Tales
Marvel Tales
 Marvel Masterworks Vol. 16
Spider-Man Essentials II

Amazing Spider-Man #31

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