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February 1964

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Supporting Cast:
Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson,
1st Dr. Bromwell


1st Electro

"The Man Called Electro!" - 22 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Steve Ditko
Cover - Steve Ditko
Lettering - Art Simek

Another landmark issue, another classic timeless villain introduced. This time the man called Electro is brought into the Spider-Verse and he would go on to electrify Spider-Man's world many more times in the future. A classic Ditko splash page with Electro shooting a bolt of lightening at Spider-Man with all the supporting cast members around him. This splash page has always stuck in mind after the first time I saw it. Also sticking in the first time reader of an Electro story is him costume, very unique green and yellow and one of the best of any Spider-Man villains.

The story begins as Peter rushes home as Spider-Man to aid his very ill Aunt May. At the same time, a strangely clad man gives himself a full charge of electricity before exclaiming that "The world is about to meet Electro!". He first has his sights set on an armored car carrying a shipment of gold and easily takes what he wants. Little later, Peter learns that his Aunt's health has gotten worse and that she needs to go to the hospital.

The next day, J. Jonah Jameson visits his bank and has an unexpected visitor in the form of Electro. He gives Jameson and a bank worker a little "zap" before easily opening the safe and making a little "withdrawal". Jameson at this point thinks that Electro is Spider-Man is disguise and prints it in his paper. More bad news for Peter as he learns that his Aunt needs an operation and it will cost $1,000. He asks Jameson for a loan and he tells him that if he gets proof that Spider-Man is Electro, he would give him the money. Not going for that idea, Peter gets another. There is a reward for the capture of Electro and goes swinging throughout the city seeking him out. He finds him just about to open yet another safe in an apartment. He takes some pics of Electro stealing money from the safe before Electro finds him. Spider-Man does something pretty stupid and touches Electro leaving him down on the ground for awhile while Electro leaves. Peter realizes that the only way to make the money now is to superimpose Spider-Man over Electro's pics. He receives the money from Jameson and the photos are printed on the front page the next edition.

Electro gets a good laugh after reading the paper and then goes into his origin. An ordinary electric lineman named Max Dillon, he was the companies best pole man. When another man's life was at stake stuck atop a pole, he wanted a bonus to save his life. After being promised $100, Dillon climbed the pole and lowered the man to safety, but not before being stuck by lightening. He should have been killed but somehow felt stronger than ever. He slowly learned that a current was passing through his body and that he could make his fingers spark. His body also recharges itself similar to a living generator and eventually decided on a life of crime.

After Electro's little reminiscing, he breaks a dozen prisoners from a jail to become his flunkies. At the same time, Peter's Aunt is being operated on and he waits in the hospital with Betty Brant at his side. After the prisoners and Electro begin a riot, Peter learns that his Aunt's operation was a success and he changes to Spider-Man ready to go at Electro once again. Jameson sees Spider-Man swing by and realizes that he and Electro cannot be the same person after viewing the riot. Spider-Man puts on some rubber boots and rubber gloves preparing himself for battling Electro and uses them to great success defeating Electro after using a water hose on him stopping him cold. Back at the Bugle with a very angry Jameson, Peter calms him down quite a bit after showing him pics of Spider-Man battling Electro and gets even more good news when he learns that Aunt May can go home in a few days.

Great issue and no Spider-Man collection is complete without it or a reprint of it which there are many inexpensive ones for a buck or two. Electro makes his next appearance in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #7 & Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #11, before making a surprising guest appearance in Daredevil #2. He then joins up with the Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:


 Reprinted In:
Marvel Tales
Marvel Tales
 Spider-Man Classics #10
 Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1
Spider-Man Essentials I

Amazing Spider-Man #8

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