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May 1963

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Vulture, 1st Terrible Tinkerer


Supporting Cast:
J. Jonah Jameson, Flash Thompson (I & II), Aunt May


1st Vulture, 1st Terrible Tinkerer (II), 1st Aliens (Including Quentin Beck (Dressed as), who will become Mysterio in issue #13) (II)

I - "Duel To The Death With The Vulture!" - 14 Pages

II -
"The Uncanny Threat Of The Terrible Tinkerer!" - 10 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Steve Ditko
Cover - Steve Ditko
Lettering I - John Duffy
Lettering II - Art Simek

Another two story issue for Spider-Man's second issue both featuring the introduction of a new villain that will both play a major role in Spider-Man's history. The Vulture has had more of an impact on Spider-Man's life than the Terrible Tinkerer but both are very important characters.

I - An unbelievably gorgeous splash page by Ditko begins our first story featuring the Vulture. The Vulture swoops around stealing other's valuables in an extremely easy fashion. Not a peep is heard as he effortlessly flies in for the "kill". J. Jonah Jameson even wants to devote the entire issue of Now Magazine to the Vulture as he is the hot new story in town, but nobody has seemed to been able to take a photograph of the winged criminal. Realizing this, Peter gets an idea that will ease the financial strain that is on the Parker household by attaching a camera to his costume and plans to snap pics of the Vulture.

The Vulture on the other hand, has plans of his own, as he decides to make a splash by attempting to steal a million dollars worth of diamonds doing so in a manner that no one would expect. He even sends a letter to the police that warns them that he will steal the diamonds from under their noses. The two characters finally meet with the Vulture getting the early upper hand by taking Spider-Man and throwing him into a water tank. Spider-Man jumps out to his safety and returns home. Peter then makes a visit to the Now Magazine to sell his photos of the Vulture to the excited Jameson. The next day the Vulture makes his move in stealing the diamonds by means of the sewer. The hordes of police and guards were obviously looking toward the sky for the Vulture but he out smarted them all. It's not long before Spider-Man gets into the scene and goes after the Vulture and this time he is ready for him. Spider-Man uses his homemade anti-magnetic inverter on the Vulture to counter attack the Vulture's magnetic powered harness which enables him to fly. Spider-Man easily defeats the Vulture this time and leaves him for the authorities. Good news all around as the Parker household gets a financial boost after Jameson rewards Peter with enough money for the photos so that the rent for an entire year is paid off.

II - The second story introduces a character that historically has been a more of a "behind the scenes" villain. This issue creates some questions left unanswered for a number of years and also introduces a major Spider-Man villain without the readers knowing it! Peter gets an opportunity to work with a famous electronics expert, Doctor Cobwell, after being recommended by his high school teacher. The Doctor asked Peter to pick up his radio for him from The Tinkerer Repair Shop and as Peter arrives in the shop, his spider senses quickly go off. The Tinkerer on the other hand is a quite wacky looking frail older man who goes downstairs to retrieve the radio where we see that he has some strange visitors.

The visitors are green aliens are working with the Tinkerer and are inserting some special devices into the radios. Peter discovers just that as he returns the radio to the Doctor and while the Doctor is gone, Peter opens the back of it. Peter decides to return to the repair shop but this time as Spider-Man. He gets into the basement where he discovers the aliens and the Tinkerer are working together and is eventually zapped by the Tinkerer's stun gun.  With Spider-Man now trapped, the strange alliance of the Tinkerer and the aliens turn their back on him. Spider-Man shoots his webbing through an air hole in the trap and frees himself. The aliens are easily whipped up on as they retreat to a spacecraft outside and the Tinkerer also mysteriously leaves as the shop goes up in flames.

Two important stories in one issue with two great villains. This issue is reprinted many times and should be had for a couple of bucks or less. The Vulture is next seen rather quickly in Amazing Spider-Man #7 and many many times after that becoming a top ten Spider-Man villain. The Tinkerer on the other hand does not make another major appearance until Amazing Spider-Man #160, but does make several contributions to Spider-Man's rogues gallery of villains by helping them in creating and upgrading their costumes and weapons. The unnamed aliens do not appear again until years later in Spectacular Spider-Man #50 & #51 where it is revealed that they are just ex stuntmen  and movie extras including their most shocking member: Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio!

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Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

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Reprinted In:
 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #7
Marvel Tales #139
 Spider-Man Classics #3
 Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1
Spider-Man Essentials I

Amazing Spider-Man #1

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