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August 1962

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1st Spider-Man & Origin
1st Aunt May,  1st & Death Uncle Ben, 1st Flash Thompson, 1st Liz Allen, 1st Burglar


Supporting Cast:
1st Aunt May, 1st Uncle Ben, 1st Liz Allen, 1st Flash Thompson, 1st Maxie Shiffman (Spider-Man's Agent), 1st Crusher Hogan, 1st Mr. Warren


1st Burglar

"Spider-Man!" - Part 1 - 6 Pages
                                      Part 2 - 5 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Steve Ditko
Cover - Jack Kirby (Inked by Steve Ditko)
Lettering - Artie Simek

"The Bell-Ringer!" - 3 Pages
"Man In The Mummy Case!" - 5 Pages
"There Are Martians Among Us!" - 5 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artists - Steve Ditko

In a Comic that began as Amazing Adventures in 1961, then Amazing Adult Fantasy for a while...The last issue, Amazing Fantasy #15,  featured a new Super Hero, one described in the beginning text box on page 1 in the following paragraph: "Like costumed heroes? Confidentially, we in the comic mag business refer to them as "Long Underwear Characters"! and, as you know, they're a dime a dozen! But, we think you may find our Spiderman just a bit...Different!"...This introduction into the world of Peter Parker and Spider-Man could not have been any better as the future of this character would prove out...Many already know the story of Puny Peter Parker, the school nerd who is picked on in school, can't get a date, and how he is brought up by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben...It is a story that will forever hold it's place as one of the greatest as Peter gets bitten by a dying radio-active spider at a Science Exhibit on Radio-Activity...Feeling strange, Peter discovers he has obtained some sort of Spider-Like powers as he walked home from the Exhibit...1st a great Jump, Then the ability to scale a building, Then enhanced Strength and Agility...He at first uses these powers for financial gain wrestling Crusher Hogan for $100 with his face covered...He gets an agent who was an on-looker at the event and he's in show business!...Peter then quickly puts together a costume and creates pressure controlled "web-shooters".

After his first televised show, Spider-Man witnesses a then common thief run from an officer...The thief alerts him to stop the thief, but Spider-Man looks out for as he put it: "Number One"...Out of costume, Peter is home and receives a present from his Aunt and Uncle, a brand new Microscope and states that they are the greatest family and fella ever had...After another show, Peter returns home only to find a police car out in front of his house, and in one of the most dramatic and historic comic scenes of all time, he receives the word that his Uncle Ben has been shot and murdered...He finds out where the Burglar headed to from the officer and quickly became Spider-Man...He tracks down the Burglar at  warehouse and exclaims: "There's no place on earth you can hide from me!", and in what IS the greatest Spider-Man scene ever, sees the burglar's face for the first time...He is the same man he let go just days before after the television appearance!...The Burglar is then bound by Spider-Man's web all neatly and given to the police...Peter takes full responsibility for the Death of his Uncle as he could have stopped the Burglar, but didn't...And with this acceptance of responsibility, The greatest line attached to the mythos of Spider-Man is born: "With great power there must also come great responsibility!"

The final text box states to: "Be sure to see the next issue of Amazing Fantasy for the further amazing exploits of America's most different new teen-age idol, Spider-Man!...Even so, it wouldn't be for another 7 months, with much letter writing for this "try-out" character to receive his very own comic.

3 Backup Horror/ Suspense stories also created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko follow the Spider-Man story, but the most interesting page is the one that follows the second backup story: A Fan Page with an "Important Announcement from the Editor!"...It goes on to state that the format of Amazing has changed and explains that they are introducing the most unusual fantasy character  of all time, The Spider-Man, who will appear every month in Amazing, and if the readers letters request it, even two Spider-Man stories per issue!...What Amazing where they referring to, since this was what turned out to be the last issue of Amazing Fantasy?...None the less, it WAS to be Amazing, but in a title all Spider-Man's own!

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:



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Alternate (Unused) Cover
By Steve Ditko

Reprinted In:
 Marvel Tales #1
Marvel Tales
Amazing Spider-Man #275
 Spider-Man Classics #1
 Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1
Spider-Man Essentials I
100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time

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